A downloadable shower-simulator for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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  • Version RC3: updated to Unity 5.2.2f1 to hopefully fix some MAC OSX bugs, and added Portuguese text. // NOVO: texto Português
  • Version RC2: updated Japanese text. // 新バージョンRC2:日本語テキストが優れています。

Rinse and Repeat is a steamy first person showering game about giving a hunk a helping hand.

by Robert Yang ( @radiatoryang, www.debacle.us)

Was he in your Tactical Zumba class, or was it Blood Pilates? Usually you wouldn't risk a shower right after class, they already talk enough shit about you, but the other day -- a cough then a smirk and then a knowing glance, that's all it ever takes until you start hoping against hope.

Don't fuck it up. Show up when he'll show up, right after class. Set multiple alarms on your phone, mark your calendar, clear your schedule. What is this terror? What is this ecstasy? What is it that fills you with this extraordinary excitement?... Boy, it's the promise of a workout.

  • PRICE: $0 USD (free, pay what you want, BMABIFYLI)
    (Buy Me A Beer If You Liked It; $5 USD donation suggested)

  • PLATFORMS: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • LANGUAGES: English (audio + text), Français (texte), Русский (текст), Deutsch (text), Español (texto), 日本語(テキスト), 繁體字(文本), Português (texto)
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: a DX9 capable computer, basically something manufactured within the last few years.
  • CONTROLS: Mouse / trackpad. (Mouse is preferred.)
  • PRODUCTION VALUES: Full voice acting! Custom-engineered wet skin shaders! Physically-simulated water droplets! (This is the most technologically advanced male shower simulator in the history of video games.)
  • ENDINGS: You'll know it when you see it.
  • AVERAGE RUNTIME: 10-20 minutes total, in 5 minute bursts, across a few days. You'll have to commit to this, a little.
  • NOTES / ARTIST'S STATEMENT: Rinse and Repeat as cup runneth over
  • RELATED GAMES ALSO BY ROBERT YANG: Hurt Me Plenty, Succulent, Stick Shift, Cobra Club
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PRESS: Kotaku, Eurogamer, GayGamer, Boing Boing, Destructoid, Polygon, Kill Screen, Vice, Dangerous Minds, Der Spiegel, The Telegraph, Instinct

⚠ "NSFW" CONTENT WARNING!!! ⚠ This game has intricately rendered naked men in it. However, all penises have been pixelated, to abide by Paypal et al's censorship policies. We apologize for the chilling effect of global technocapitalism on artistic expression.

TWITCH USERS, BE ADVISED: Twitch has universally censored / banned this game from broadcast.


  • Code, design, most art assets by Robert Yang (@radiatoryang)
  • Music is "Vyvanse" by Grounders, used with permission
  • Voice acting by "Mr. H"
  • Character shader work by James O'Hare (@farfarer)
  • Character base by Kris Hammes (@Kris_Hammes)
  • Localization by [Español] Javier Candeira (@Candeira), [Français] Maxime Lebled (@MaxOfS2D), [Русский] Benjamin Glover (@BenjaminGlover), [Deutsch] Ryan Field, [繁體字] Kyle Li (@Ghettokon), [日本語] Robin Scott (@AltheaR_00), [Português] n00bmobile

TROUBLESHOOTING + TECHNICAL SUPPORT: see http://debacle.us/support/ for fixes and workarounds


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