Tearoom v1.05 RC5 changelog

minor update / patch to the game...

v1.05 RC5
- Linux version no longer defaults to full-screen, which apparently broke mouse input?
- glory holes are more detailed

v1.04 RC4
- NEW: added Czech (Čeština) localization (thanks Marek Lukáš!)
- fixed some bugs that might cause hangs / angry climaxes where car never drives off (thanks Adam Hartling)
- added detection to disable some apparently Linux-incompatible effects for Linux machines (sorry)
- added additional controls help UI reminder before beginning oral service

v1.03 RC3
- if player climaxes right as timer ends, the game will still count it as a success (thanks Beriadan!)
- updated Korean (한국어) localization (thanks Discount Information Bot!)
- updated Spanish (Español) localization (thanks Mikel Calvo!)
- NEW: added Italian (Italiano) localization (thanks Alan Zucconi!)


the-tearoom-windows.zip (64-bit) 183 MB
Version 6 Jul 07, 2017
the-tearoom-mac-osx.zip (64-bit) 182 MB
Version 6 Jul 07, 2017
the-tearoom-linux.zip (64 bit) 191 MB
Version 5 Jul 07, 2017

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