A downloadable hunk-suck-sim for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Succulent is a short interactive music video game thing where you watch a hunk suck a _____ for a few minutes

by Robert Yang (@radiatoryang, www.debacle.us)

UPDATE: a new and improved version of this game is bundled in Radiator 2. Please play that version instead of the standalone versions here. Thanks.

This short game, along with its sister games Hurt Me Plenty and Stick Shift, is part of family of projects made for Different Games that try to imagine, what if industrial triple-A game technology was used for good instead of evil? Now featuring new stunning immersive "cheek physics" technology!

  • PRICE: Pay What You Want, $0 USD minimum.
    Buy me a beer if you got anything out of it.
  • PLATFORMS: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: a DX9 capable computer, basically something manufactured within the last few years.
  • CONTROLS: Mouse / trackpad.
  • AVERAGE RUNTIME: 2-4 minutes.
  • SUBTLETY: Absolutely none.
  • NOTES / ARTIST STATEMENT: "Succulent as hypnotizing homo hop homage"
  • OTHER RELATED GAMES: Cobra Club, Rinse and Repeat

PRESS: Destructoid, Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, PewDiePie, PC Gamer, Motherboard, Butt Magazine

Is this SAFE FOR WORK??? Well, depends on your job... It's a guy in his underwear, standing in an abstract featureless void, sucking on some sort of long orange thing -- I'd say at most it's some pretty suggestive PG-13 material, and some unique people might be able to get off to it, but it doesn't really function as pornography, which is especially clear if you play through to the end. It's more silly than anything.


  • Code, design, most art assets by Robert Yang
  • Music is "Waste" by Arca, used with permission
  • Character model and texture base by Kris Hammes (@Kris_Hammes)
  • Character shader work by James O'Hare (@farfarer)
  • Special thanks to: Christine Love

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: see http://debacle.us/support/


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Succulent RC1 (Windows) 21 MB
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Succulent RC1 (Linux 32/64 bit universal) 33 MB