A downloadable manifesto

This is a short game dev manifesto for #ManifestoJam. (note: I don't actually want to kill anyone, and I've been using Unity for years.)

KILL UNITY, death to Unreal... and while we're at it, curse the Source Engine for entirely unrelated reasons.

 No one way of making and doing cultural work should have such a monopoly and stranglehold on an entire creative community. 

The death of creativity is the death of possibility is the death of thinking beyond what we have. This is a call to build more tools, more frameworks, more engines, more ways of doing and thinking about games and play.

WE ARE ENGINES. Do not let Unreal hate-fuck your imagination and squeeze your life into a claustrophobic open world survival game with a white picket fence and 2.5 subcontinents. 

We honor those who have imagined new ways of making and yet we clearly still need even more ways to feel these grains and contours and crevices. Why can't you paint a game by singing, why can't you breed and mutate 3D models, why can't you sculpt an AI? It is because industrial game development thinks it cannot die.

Kill Unity, death to Unreal; for we are engines.

AuthorRobert Yang